The Beginning


The Flyball - The BeginningAn engine hums monotonously.

It’s excruciatingly hot.
Every breath is a struggle.
The world is vibrating and pressing in on itself.

The desire to run away is overwhelming, but it’s impossible to move.

Just when the torture seems as if it will never end, the engine’s note changes and there’s a series of bumps and judders, then stillness.

The engine continues to hum quietly.
The calm lasts for a couple of heartbeats, shattered by the metallic screech of a sliding steel door and heavy footsteps crunching on concrete.

A loud clunk is followed by the shrill yawning sound of rusty doors being pulled open.
Specks of light begin to break through the blackness.

A man grunts and the world squeezes tighter.
The specks of light shake and dance.

Another longer louder grunt.
The specks turn to shafts of light and start to whirl violently around.

The world presses in on itself even more painfully.
A blast of icy cold air.

Suddenly invisible blows rain in from every direction.
Another blast of freezing air.
More stinging blows.
A bone-crunching thump and it’s pitch black, again.

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